This is the incremental version of the classic 2048 game. Packed with elements.

HOW TO PLAY: Use the arrow keys(computer) or the D-Pad(mobile) to move tiles. When two tiles collide, they form an element which is one higher than them.

Merging elements give you score. When you reach the goal, tiles will be upgraded and each time the game will spawn better element. So score high will let you score higher. This is the positive feedback loop effect and is what it means "incremental" !

So, discover the elements and score high! Good luck!


-Shortened numbers (converts 1,000,000 to 1M and so on)

-Saving and loading


-New font!

-Text effects


-Instead of the goal going up 3x every level, it now goes up 2x BUT 32x per 5 levels (Note: this number may become 64x or 128x in future updates)

-Energy is much more abundant.

-Some UI redesigning

-Revising stages and complete all elements give a 15% score boost (multiplicative)

-Number of elements each stage adjusted to 20


-Electrifies! Spend energy to boost types of elements. The types depends on this periodic table:

-Researches! Conduct some researches to gain various boosts. More types of them will be coming soon.

-Simulations! Buy cells using energy and place them on a 2048 board. Use WASD keys to control them instead. The cell collects information by using simulations as bytes. These bytes gives you massive bonuses!

-The atomic numbers and the element name on the tiles are removed, leaving only element symbols.

-The elements are all added into the game. When you combine 2 element 118's, you get hydrogen -- but a much better one.

-UI redesign. The UI now takes on a simplistic and minimized style.

-Settings added. The only setting currently is notations, meaning you can switch between scientic notation and short numbers.

-Stages are now removed to simplify stuff. Due to this, challenges are removed too but may be redesigned soon.

-Numbers now scale much more slower. This should allow more features while not overflowing. (The maximum number possible is ~1.7e308, above that causes issues.)

-The font changed once again to Roboto.

-Music and sound effects have been added. The credits can be found at settings.

Expect balancing updates to come soon!


-Added some researches upgrades.

-Extended simulations features. It has also been balanced.

-Mobile support. Go to Settings to enable d-pad.

-Display for atomic number.

-Challenges! Get to 400k energy to find out what it's about.

Planned updates:

Skills(Use them wisely!)

A completely new mode where you'll fight for loot in some way...


-Deleted simulations. Challenges are just hidden; they will reappear soon with changes to adapt v2 versions.

-Some more research upgrades.

-Completely new stuff that unlocks as you increase atom upgrade level!

-New UI.

v2.1 (From here onwards, patch notes will be shorter)


-Customizable auto merger

-Buffed element upgrades

-Option to disable tile moving animation

-AP shop

-5x5 board as a new research


-UI changes

-Tiles spin when a critical merge occurs

-Element upgrade level cap is doubled but the prestige I requirement stays the same

-Element upgrade cost formula is changed

-The "Max All" button has been removed because it's useless after the changes. Added 2 bulk buy options: Buy 50 and Max 50

-Research slots give a x10 multiplier to AP each no matter it is being used or not

-Extended Standard number format (M, B, T, ...) in order to cover higher numbers accessible with this version

-Added a cover image

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Made withUnity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


Download 25 MB
Version 2 Sep 18, 2018

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